Charles R. Sperry is a third-generation entrepreneur, following a family tradition that dates to his grandfather’s founding of the Sperry Gyroscope Co. Mr. Sperry is a successful serial inventor who has envisioned and created products for a wide range of businesses and interests, including the health care, packaging, automotive, and military industries. During his career which spans over sixty years, Mr. Sperry has obtained over 100 U.S. Patents .

Mr. Sperry joined Arthur D. Little at 21 years of age. He co-founded Synectics in Cambridge, Massachusetts under the auspices of Arthur D. Little and incorporated it in 1960. The Synectics process is a powerful means of developing group creativity and problem-solving in a rational way.

In 1984, Mr. Sperry formed The Sperry Group, Inc. that further evolved the process of Synectics in ground breaking product development. He has worked with Sealed Air Corporation, 3D Systems, Eli Lily, Dey Laboratories, Datascope, Bristol Meyers and many other fortune 500 companies.

He is the founder and inventor of Instapak®, a multi-billion dollar technology that created foam-in-place protective packaging. Instapak® was acquired by Sealed Air Corporation in 1977. He consults to 3DSystems, Inc. developing novel 3D printing technologies that have advanced the accessibility and function of custom solid object printing over the past 10 years.

Mr. Sperry believes that R&D should not be limited to the development of an individual product or service. Instead, he strives to transform a single idea into a big-idea: a collective of new businesses that self-sustain and offer high-value with low risk.

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